The pedagogical vision of Fomento was inspired by a Catholic vision of life. This is why we pay attention to events such as Christmas and Easter.

Children can benefit greatly from a good cooperation among parents, staff, and management. We want to lay the foundation for the child to develop into a well-balanced, free person who is able to make responsible choices. Therefore, we try to nurture an atmosphere of open and sincere communication.

Standards and values are practical tools for us to talk to toddlers and preschoolers about their behavior. The idea is to guide the child in a constructive and positive way. We let the children think along actively and let them present their own examples. We also give examples like, 'kindness can be shown by asking others to play with you' or 'if you have to wait for your turn you need patience'. These also contribute to a pleasant atmosphere.

​Even though children develop in similar ways, every child remains unique. Each one has their own way of learning, own rhythm, own level of self-esteem and a desire for happiness. We take these into account.

Everything we do, everything we offer is well founded. Every child is welcome, but parents are expected to respect this vision.

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