About us

Children develop at lightning speed, especially in their early years. We have an ambition to provide them with optimal guidance. Through our educational approach we lay down the foundation in cooperation with the parents.
Children have a natural urge for self-development. Kid's Garden supports every child, helping them develop habits that are fundamental to subsequent phases.
We also bring them into contact with
another language at an early age.

 We offer an environment of security,
warmth and trust that promotes
the self-esteem of the child.

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Kid's Garden is part of the INVOKI Foundation (Foundation of Integral Formation of the Child). It was founded in 2013 after an immersion in the pedagogical vision of the Fomento Education Group. They came to the conclusion that this could also be valuable for the Netherlands.

The Fomento Education Group is a global organization founded by a group of parents and teachers. They developed methods for nurseries, primary schools and secondary education. Fomento now has 35 schools with more than 23,000 pupils and is in contact with 16,000 families.

In addition, Fomento  advises 250 partners in 28 countries regarding initiatives within the field of education. These initiatives are similar in essence although there is plenty of room for practical
interpretation, taking into account cultural differences.

INVOKI started with the Optimist program,
which was developed for children up to 4 years old.


The foundation has acquired
exclusive rights to use the program.


Pedagogical staff

The identity of Kid's Garden creates expectations. The success of our project depends largely on the pedagogical team. We pay a lot of attention to professionalism, personality, initiative, flexibility and perseverance.

Our teaching staff is not only knowledgeable but they also give substance to their example. They show interest in the world of the child, have an eye and heart for every child and help them hone talents and a sense of


They reflect on their own pedagogical methods and thereby continuously improve. They follow the adjustments to the latest pedagogical insights and are willing to deepen their knowledge and undergo training. The joint devotion benefits both family and child care.

HBO-trained, experienced professionals lead the group. They are young, ambitious and willing to develop further in the vision of Fomento.

Our team



My name is Ghislaine, 25 years old and I live in Maastricht. I studied HBO Primary Education and the minor Reading promotion, learning to attend to the development of the child with books and additional activities. However, my experience made me realize that education isn’t made to fit the individual child. So, I decided not to teach, but work as an educational assistant here at Kid's Garden. The method appeals to me mainly because the development of each child is closely monitored. To further expand my knowledge and insights in the pedagogical field, I am training as a Child Coach. I am enthusiastic, creative, sporty and caring. Working with children is my passion.I hope to see you soon at Kid’s Garden.



I'm Zuzanna, new teaching assistant at Kid's Garden. At the University of Poznan (Poland) I obtained my Master in Pedagogy. There I worked in a childcare facility. Since August 2018 I live in the Netherlands.  I love children and I see as the most important thing for his/her development, building a good relationship with a child. I always strive for the children to feel safe and loved. At Kid's Garden we take care of your child, so he or she is always happy!



I am Spanish, married and mother of three children which I love dearly. Since my university study Pedagogy I have been working as a pedagogical employee and I have been working with children for ten years.
I am a cheerful, enthusiastic and positive person, with a great sense of responsibility. I am at ease with children thanks to my creative streak and specific knowledge of the development and interests of children.
I hope to be a support in the development of your children, always with respect for their individuality.
See you soon in Kid’s Garden!



Let me introduce myself to you. I'm Sindy Utens-Thijssen (1987). I am married to my husband Chris and mother of two daughters, Tessy (2017) and Mera (2019). I am from Maastricht, and now live in Eijsden. 
I completed the course Social Pedagogical Worker in 2008 and have been working in care ever since. 
Now that I have had children of my own, I have decided to make the switch to childcare. A new challenge, which I am very much looking forward to! 
I hope to meet you soon! 



My background as a teacher and facility manager has led me to Kid’s Garden. At the moment I am preparing for the start in August. After that I will remain responsible for the daily operations. I am the first contact for parents with all kinds of practical questions. Monitoring the quality of the care and safety of your child is a priority for me.
I am happy to be
of service to you.



I'm Joyce Op den Camp (33). I live with my husband Ruud and our children Xenno and Zanni in Gronsveld. I received my SPW diploma in 2006 and my SPH diploma in 2009. I have gained a lot of experience as a flexworker in childcare. I have been to dozens of locations and been able to learn how to deal with children anywhere, and about the convenient design of a room and getting lots of ideas for activities. I'm really looking forward to working at KG. Especially having a permanent group in order to build a bond with the children and parents appeals to me. Nothing more difficult than raising children, no matter how hard we try there'll always be uncertainties. I will be there for you if you have questions and will do my best to help. See you soon at Kid's Garden.  

What you can do with your claim about Kid's Garden:

Discuss the claim with the staff member concerned. If necessary, call in the manager. 
If this does not lead to the appropriate solution, please fill in the complaint-form. 
Are you unable to find a solution together with Kid's Garden? Then contact the Childcare Claims Desk. With advice or intermediation they will try to solve the complaint together with you. If this does not work, ask the Arbitration Committee Childcare to make a pronouncement. 

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