Meet The Team

The unique pedagogical vision of Kid's Garden raises expectations. The success of our project depends immensely on our pedagogical team. We pay a lot of attention to professionalism, personality, initiative, flexibility and perseverance.


Our teaching staff is not only knowledgeable but they also give substance to their example. They show interest in the world of the child, have an eye and heart for every child and help them refine their inner talents and sense of self-esteem. Our teachers also reflect on their own pedagogical methods which allows them to continuously improve. They follow the latest pedagogical trends and are eager to deepen their knowledge by undergoing training. This joint devotion benefits both the family and child care.​ Our team is composed of HBO-trained, experienced professionals who are young, energetic, and willing to further develop with the Fomento programme.

Kid's Garden Maastricht | Maaike

My background as a teacher and facility manager has led me to Kid’s Garden. I am the main person of contact for parents so feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am also responsible for the daily operations including monitoring the quality of our children’s care and safety which is a priority to me. I am happy to be of service to you.

Maaike, Location Manager 

I’m Kelly, 40 years old and mother of 3 children. For the past few years, I’ve lived with my family in Luxembourg and Germany. My kids also went to kindergarten there. 

I have always found it very interesting how different countries set the group climate and stimulate child development. I have a Bachelor's degree in educational theory and few years of experience working with children. I’m very happy to join the Kids Garden team and hope to make a good contribution to your child’s development.

Kelly, Deputy Location Manager
& pedagogical coach


I am Fabienne (27) and I graduated from the SPW4 programme in 2013. After this study, I tried the occupational therapy course for 1 year, after which I came to the conclusion that my love of traveling was slightly greater and this discipline was not quite my thing. In the meantime, I have always continued to work at one of my internship positions as a replacement. In 2015 I went to Ibiza during the summer period to work for a half Spanish/half Dutch family as an au-pair. This is where my passion for Spain and the Spanish language originated. In 2016 I traveled to Australia for 2 years, this was a dream come true for me. While traveling I learned a lot about myself, other people, and other cultures. In January 2019 I came back to the Netherlands and started working in a hotel. However, I wanted to work with children again. During Covid, I started studying child psychology as I am very interested in the development, thinking and behavior of children. I am looking forward to sharing all my knowledge, getting to know you and your child and contributing to your child's development.

Fabienne, Educational Assistant

I'm Sindy Utens-Thijssen (1987). I am married to my husband Chris and am a mother of two daughters, Tessy (2017) and Mera (2019). I am originally from Maastricht but I now live in Eijsden. I completed the Social Pedagogical Worker course in 2008 and I have been working in care ever since. Now that I have children of my own, I decided to make the switch to childcare. This is a new challenge which I am very much looking forward to! I hope to meet you soon! 

Sindy, Educational Assistant


I am Spanish, married and a mother of three children I love dearly. After my university study in Pedagogy I started working as a pedagogical employee and have been working with children for ten years. I am a cheerful, enthusiastic and positive person with a great sense of responsibility. I am at ease with children thanks to my creative streak and specific knowledge of the development and interests of children. I hope to support the development of your children while always respecting their individuality. See you soon in Kid’s Garden!

Vanesa, Educational Assistant

I'm Zuzanna, one of the teaching assistants at Kid's Garden. I obtained my Master in Pedagogy at the University of Poznan (Poland). I first started working in a childcare facility and then moved to the Netherlands in August 2018. I truly love children and I believe the most important aspect for his/her development is to build a good relationship with them. I always aim for children to feel safe and loved. At Kid's Garden we take care of your child so he or she is always happy!

Zuzanna, Educational Assistant


I am Serena van der Molen, 30 years old and I live in Maastricht. At the age of 19, I started studying nursing, but I came to the conclusion that I preferred working with children, and especially with small groups. I am very interested in didactics and pedagogy and that is why I studied to become a primary school teacher. I continue to develop myself further and that is why I am currently studying to become a pedagogical policy coach. At Kid's Garden, as a pedagogical employee, I can apply my didactic skills. I first gained experience as a flexible worker in childcare and was employable at several locations. However, I wanted to work in a permanent group so that I could get to know the children well. I attach importance to the child's relationship with others, their autonomy, competences and their development at their own pace and level. I have a part Italian background and it appeals to me that the children can learn a second language at Kid's Garden.   I look forward to getting to know you and your children and to contributing to your child's development.

Serena, Educational Assistant

Since August 2020 I am a new face at Kid's Garden. My name is Tabea.  When people hear that I am a music therapist, they usually immediately think that I work with children. For a couple of years I worked with children with a lot of pleasure as well as a guest parent or pedagogical assistant. And now in your childcare centre. In addition, I have been working as a music therapist in adult psychiatry for many years. In between I was also the owner of a small papeterie in Maastricht for a number of years. It was nice to do but I missed colleagues. 
As you can see I have many interests including nature, walking, travelling, art and culture, singing, rowing, being creative and so on. For the past 6 years I grew an interest for bee-keeping, which is a fascinating and engaging hobby. Fascination and challenges are also part of my two jobs. They complement each other very well and I can put a lot in them: attention, care, loving approach and a lot of creativity while simultaneously getting a lot back. But the best gifts are happy and content children and parents. 

Tabea, Educational Assistant


Hello, my name is Senna Severens (19), I live in Ransdaal. I'm graduated as a pedagogical assistant (leverl4). My ambition is to contribute to the wide development of the children which is the reason why I think Kid's Garden suits me well. The Optimist method and the fact that children have the opportunity to discover another language. Kid's Garden fits in well with my ambitions. which is why I chose this nursery. See you at the Lotje group! 

Senna, Educational Assistant 

I am Svanhilde Konings, 42 years old. Dave and I live in Berg aan de Maas (Urmond). My hobbies are walking and Zumba dancing. 23 years ago I started my education as a Child Guides and in 2000 I got my first job. After 14 years, I started working in another childcare centre. Now I am moving to Kid's Garden, a young day-care centre with a vision that really appeals to me. I want to offer the children at Kid's Garden a safe place and trust. I do this by being patient and giving each child personal attention. My motto is to treat children as you would want to be treated yourself. In my experience, this works very well. 

See you at the Nico group! 

Svanhilde, Educational Assistant


My name is Nina, I was born on 23-09-1995 and I live in Berg aan de Maas.

Since I graduated as a specialized pedagogical employee (2016) level 4 at Leeuwenborgh in Sittard, I have been working in childcare. In my spare time, I like to do sports and to do fun things with friends and family. I start working at Kid's Garden with great enthusiasm and I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Nina, Educational Assistant

My name is Manon Meijers. I am 20 years old and starting in July 2021 you can see me more often at Kid's Garden. I am going to work here with great pleasure on the Bobby group. I have obtained my teaching assistant diploma and I am really looking forward to starting at Kid's Garden. I started with the teaching assistant course because I actually wanted to continue with the English teacher training. The age of the smallest children appealed to me more. What I really like about Kid's Garden is that children are taught English and Spanish in a playful manner. I am also very much looking forward to guiding the children in a creative, helpful and loving way through their development.

Manon, Educational Assistant