The Optimist Project

A Playful and Innovative Learning Programme

Kid’s Garden Maastricht follows the Optimist Project, a pedagogical-didactic programme for children up to 4 years old. It was developed by the Fomento Education Group and is characterised by playful and innovative methods to stimulate creativity and enthusiasm within children. The programme focuses on your child’s growth as a person. 


Optimist provides a daily programme that combines physical, motoric, cognitive, social-emotional and moral learning so that the children can grow in the broadest sense of the word. As part of this programme, parents and teachers work together to develop a personal development plan for each child. Read more on our Parents page.

Kid's Garden Maastricht | A child playing while learning

Playing is Learning

When children have objects in their hands they are encouraged to start a conversation. They discover the properties of these objects and the mutual relationships between them. They can group them, compare them, solve problems, and learn to count with ease.

Developing Motor Skills

Discovering, imitating and learning are inherent in children. We do daily exercises to stimulate Motor Development. Through games the children learn, discover new things and have fun while developing skills and creative potential.

Kid's Garden Maastricht | Developing Motor Skills
Kid's Garden Maastricht | Speech and Language Development

Speech and Language Development

Children learn to pronounce words clearly through stories, rhymes, songs and role play. These types of activities enhance their listening comprehension, understanding and ability to express themselves orally.

Bilingual Education

Children who learn a foreign language early on will learn languages more easily later in life. They also develop better communication skills. At Kid’s Garden, children can learn either English or Spanish in a playful way.

The programme is designed so that children can learn a second language naturally through linguistic immersion, similarly to how they learned their mother tongue. They learn about familiar environments like school, family, seasons and important events in English or Spanish.

We use the Hello Sally method to teach English and Hola Lola to teach Spanish (2-4 years old).

Kid's Garden Maastricht | Bilingual Education
Kid's Garden Maastricht | Musical Formation

Musical Formation

Children learn to distinguish sounds by singing, listening and making music. We sing children's songs together but also connect them with classical music. By listening they develop their auditive discernment, creativity, imagination and sensitivity to beauty.

Emotional Security

Each age group has their own programme:

Bobby (0-1 year)

Lotje (1-2 years)

Nico (2-4 years)

We facilitate development according to individual capacities and achieve a complete and integral education for each child. They get structure and peace of mind in a cozy and safe environment.

Kid's Garden Maastricht | Emotional Security
Kid's Garden Maastricht | Children playing with a touchscreen


Touchscreen technology is integral to our teaching method. It makes the lessons more dynamic and motivates the children. We use touchscreens to teach language and to stimulate musical and artistic creativity.


Flashcards are very useful for practicing and repeating concepts. It helps children improve their attention, memory, vocabulary and knowledge. We use flashcards with diverse cultural content, accurate information, figures, words and images.

Kid's Garden Maastricht | Flashcards
Kid's Garden Maastricht | Children Activity Corners

Activity Corners

The corners are divided into different activity zones, each with their social and personal development areas. Every child can make his own choices: what he will do, alone or with others. Making these little choices is important for their development because it gives them autonomy. At the same time, playing with others promotes functioning within a group. Children can grow in resilience, self-confidence, flexibility and creativity when dealing with different situations.

Healthy Food, Healthy Habits

At Kid’s Garden we try to create the first healthy eating habits that are beneficial to your child's development. We prefer fresh, organic food with no artificial additives or sugars.


The menu is healthy and varied. We alternate between home-baked bread or a hot meal consisting of vegetables with meat, fish or vegetarian products. All meals are freshly prepared by our pedagogical staff using a steam cooker and bread maker.


In the mid-morning children get fresh, seasonal fruit. In the afternoon we offer healthy and nutritious snacks. These can consist of vegetables, dried fruits, whole-grain crackers, or freshly-baked pastries prepared by our staff.


For refreshments, we provide water, milk or decaffeinated and sugar-free tea.

Food intolerance

Does your child have a food allergy? We are happy to help you find a suitable solution.

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