Kid's Garden is located at Bemelergrubbe 15, 6226 NK Maastricht. This location is also shared with Kentalis, an institute for children up to 5 years old with communication difficulties such as impaired hearing or language development disorders. Kid’s Garden and Kentalis function independently of each other. Kid's Garden uses most of the spacious 750m2 property.


The facility includes a main hall where children can play, a gym, a music room and rooms for groups. There is plenty of natural light and there are two large outdoor spaces.​ The property and the surrounding area have a beautiful and green environment. There is plenty of parking space.

We are open from 07.30-18.00.

You may use some or all of these hours.

Please contact us for your individual needs. 

We will be closed in 2021: 1 January, Good Friday: 2 april, Easter Monday: 5 April, King's Day: 27 April, Ascension: 13 May; Pentecost Monday: 24 May, Christmas.

Special closing times:

We will close early on 24 and 31 December

2021 (17.00).

Kid's Garden Maastricht | Play area
Kid's Garden Maastricht | a toddler with her father


Kid’s Garden offers:

A contract for 52 weeks; € 8.30 per hour

This means guaranteed childcare for 52 weeks on the agreed days / parts of the day throughout the year excluding the holidays.

A contract for 40 weeks; € 8.40 per hour

This contract is specifically intended for childcare outside the school holidays. 

Flexible care contract for 70 to 100 hrs/m; € 8.70 per hour

This contract specifies the number of hours taken per month. These hours fall within the regular opening hours from 7.30 to 18.00.  We will need to know the exact dates and times your child will come  to the daycare at least 4 weeks in advance.


In order to maintain peace and avoid  disturbing the group’s rhythm, we use the following drop-off  and pick-up  times:

Drop-off times: between 7.30 and 9.00 

Pick up times: between 16.30 and 18.00 ​


If you receive childcare allowance, you will pay a lower net amount. The amount of childcare allowance depends on your income and the number of working hours. Please find more information about the conditions on the "Belastingsdienst" website.


You will also find the route directions by car and public transportation in the below document.