Healthy food

From an educational point of view, we take into account that with food we also create the first healthy eating habits that are beneficial to your child's development. Our preference goes out to food without artificial additives or sugars. We will therefore whenever possible adhere to this.

The menu is healthy, varied and, where possible, organic. We alternately offer home-baked bread or a deliberately chosen hot meal consisting of vegetables with meat, fish or a vegetarian product. All meals are prepared fresh by our pedagogical staff in a steam cooker or bread maker.

The children get fresh seasonal fruit mid-morning. In the afternoon we offer a healthy and nutritious snack. This can consist of vegetables, (dried) fruits or a whole-grain product such as crackers or something baked by ourselves.

Drinks at Kid's Garden consist mainly of water, milk or caffeine and sugar free tea.

Food intolerance

Does your child have a food allergy? We are happy to help you find a suitable solution.


We use a digital diary to keep you always updated
on the latest developments and the wellbeing
of your child.

Of course we also have personal contact with you regarding dropping off and fetching your child.

We are happy to make time for you!


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